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Web Wednesday – August 29, 2012

Named by the New York Times as a Top 10 iPad app for 2011, Living Earth HD is a stunning app designed for mac and ipad’s, (simplified app for iphone is also available) giving users the ability to view the earth in real time. You can see amazingly detailed, up-to-date weather forecasts, world clock and…

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Web Wednesday – August 22, 2012

In case you haven’t caught on to the craze that is Pinterest, now is the time! For those like me, who have become pinning addicts, have you seen the new app updates? Pinterest released the updated app last week, and the design features are nearly identical to it’s web counter part. Pinterest is also now…

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Web Wednesday – August 1, 2012

So this is our first week incorporating apps into our web wednesday posts. This week I bring you CCleaner, a great app that will help you clean up your harddrive and give you more disk space. What most people don’t realize is that when files are sent to the trash, not all of their memory…

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