Newport Glow Launch

New website for Luigi’s Restaurant

Well we finally got around to updating this post! Check out the new website for Luigi’s Restaurant in Johnston, Rhode Island.  The before and after images below represent the landing [...]

Witman Properties Launch

Springfield Business Improvement District

DIF Design is excited to announce the launch of the BID website! Since 1998, the Springfield Business Improvement District (SBID) has aimed to be a driving force of economic, cultural, and social [...]

Introducing 180Fit

Meet Coin, The New Way to Spend Money

We are one step closer to time travel! Ok, well maybe not, but the new product hitting the streets next summer gives us high hopes that we’ll be seeing the flux capacitor in our future. [...]

Network Solutions Hacked

Add Network Solutions to the list of hacked / hijacked companies.  This is among the scarier hacks, as Network Solution’s servers maintain domains for hundreds of thousands of clients. Some [...]

10 things to ask your web developer

In the late 1990s, services like Geocities allowed individuals and businesses to claim a spot on the world wide web and build simple websites and share their message with the world. Times have [...]

Creativity at work – Macworld cover creation

This video is a great example of how much work it takes to put out a great product. Professional photographer Peter Belanger captures the creativity of photographing, editing, and design of the [...]

Hot Table’s New Website Featured on Chow Now

In case you haven’t already heard, Hot Table went through a design overhaul last month, introducing a new website and a brand new online ordering app. The new website has already been [...]