bnapoli Restaurant

bNapoli Italian is a new restaurant in West Springfield, MA, serving up locally-sourced farm-to-table cuisine inspired by the casual glamour and laid-back luxe of Italy. Their fully-renovated space is unlike any other here in the valley, combining old-world authenticity with modern elegance. The atmosphere is enhanced by their state-of-the-art wine room, which houses over 100 varieties of wine to please every palette and compliment every dish.

bnapoli is the total package, delivering on their promise to deliver Italian without compromise. We came on board to help Western Mass’s favorite new dinner spot with the following:

  • Website design and development
  • Menu design
  • Professional Photography


There’s a lot of competition in the restaurant business and it can be tough to stand out amongst the noise. In today’s world of scrolling-on-the-go, we knew bNapoli’s look had to be impactful but simple. The homepage features stunning photography and a layout that’s easy to navigate from any device.

Menu design

When you’re offering delicious, fresh dinners, it’s best to let the food speak for itself. Our approach to the menu design was clean, simple, and straightforward – much like the dishes at bNapoli. The streamlined look pairs perfectly with the glamour and elegance of the restaurant. Once we had the menus designed, we set out to find the perfect accompaniment. A luxe leather menu holder with bNapoli’s logo subtly embossed was the perfect pairing.


Anyone who watches the Food Network and Cooking Channel knows that we eat with our eyes first. No matter how delicious a meal tastes, presentation is what drives us to take that first bite. It’s especially important for a new restaurant for bNapoli to make a great first impression, so they trusted us to handle the photography services for their food and restaurant. Thankfully, with a space as beautiful as theirs and food that’s mouth-watering in both taste and look, we had no trouble capturing the essence of Italian without compromise.

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