Lifestyle Designs

Lifestyle Designs is a full-service interior design firm, bringing client’s visions to life throughout Rhode Island. Whether they’re helping to select color palettes or helping to map out floor plans, Lifestyle Designs can help make your dream home come true. Their work is luxurious, rich, and elegant without feeling overdone. They came to use because they wanted to translate the stunning artistry of their work online. We were able to collaborate on their website design and development, as well as the professional photography used on the site. From one type of design firm to another, the pairing of Lifestyle Designs and DIF Design was a match made in heaven.


In the world of interior design, concepts, sketches, and visuals are the primary representations of the work a firm is capable of. Lifestyle Designs’ previous site lacked visual aids and dramatic imagery. The result was a website that didn’t come close to doing their work justice and they weren’t fully utilizing their space on the web. When it came to the redesign, we decided that bigger is better. Our approach includes full-width, fill-your-screen photography so no detail was left out. The new site is impactful and beautifully executed; the look and Lifestyle Designs’ work are both larger-than-life and could inspire Pinterest boards for years to come.


We knew that imagery would drive the success of the Lifestyle Designs more so than with most projects. For them, image really is everything, so getting this right was crucial. To ensure that our vision came to life properly, we took the imagery into our own hands. We set out for a full day of professional photography and creative directory on the islands of Jamestown and Newport, capturing breathtaking and unique spaces that were created by Lifestyle designs. When you browse their website and portfolio, our imagery matched with their talent speaks for itself.