McGrath Insurance

For over 90 years, McGrath Insurance Group has been a full-service independent insurance agency, providing the people of New England Freedom from Worry®. McGrath stands apart because they have the personable service of a small-town firm paired with the resources of a large firm.

We loved helping McGrath shape their new identity. Our partnership lead to the following deliverables:

  • Logo development
  • Branding package including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes
  • Style and logo-use guide
  • Website design and development


McGrath has used several logos throughout their tenure, but wanted a refreshed look. The team knew they wanted something that spoke to their roots in historical Sturbridge, but were hesitant to choose an icon that’s been overplayed in their field and our region. The overall goal was to create a concept that would feel professional, clean, and – most importantly – distinct. In our brainstorming sessions, we tossed around symbols of that could represent “Freedom from Worry.” When someone suggested a feather, the idea clicked. We evolved the concept into a feather quill – thus embodying the idea of freedom, while tying in the company’s historical roots that were so important to them.

Branding Package

Once we had the logo nailed down, we gave McGrath’s branding assets a facelift as well. Business cards, envelopes, and letterhead were all designed to match the refreshed look. We know how important consistency is for brand recognition, so we also provided a comprehensive brand guideline outlining proper logo usage, colors, typography, and imagery. No matter where it’s reproduced, we’re confident that we’ve given McGrath’s brand the tools it needs to remain strong and cohesive for years to come.


The inspiration behind McGrath’s new brand is their tagline – Freedom from Worry. We set out to represent this concept on their new site. Positive, personable imagery coupled with a streamlined navigation and homepage layout give the site the airy feeling of freedom that only McGrath Insurance can give their customers.