Cater to your Skin

We’ve been partnering with Skin Catering, an all-spa based in downtown Springfield, since we designed and developed their website back in 2014. In recent years, #girlbosses Leanne and Kim have expanded their business to include a line of all-natural skincare product. Leanne’s experience as a licensed massage therapist and Kim’s background as an aesthetician has led to the creation of some revolutionary products sans harmless chemicals. Their catalog includes sunscreen, deodorants, soothing tattoo balm, scrubs, exfoliators, and more. Their journey into the world of skincare started small, but as word spread of their products the demand grew quickly. After landing deals to have their products stalked with various retailers in Western Mass, CT, and RI, Leanne and Kim knew they needed to create a space to sell their goods online. Leanne and Kim are another example of the excellence that comes out of Springfield – it’s been a pleasure to watch them thrive and we’re excited to be a part of their journey.


Fueled by the desire to make natural, chemical-free skincare available to everyone, the Skin Catering team approached us to take their vision to the next level with website design and development as well as product photography. Skin Catering’s existing labels inspired the color scheme for the site – we knew we wanted a black and white look with pops of bold colors that would coordinate to the different product lines. We brainstormed with Leanne and Kim until the imagery and copy met the Skin Catering standard. Functionally, the development of this site was a challenge, but we were committed to giving Leanne and Kim a beautiful site that would showcase their products in the best way possible.

We understand that professional product photography can make or break a retail site, so we put Dennis’ history of professional photography to good use. The result is a shopping cart full of product imagery that is clean, professional, and, most importantly, consistent.