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2011, A Year in Development, ICT Center & GoBerry

Welcome back, I hope everyone had a great start to the Holidays! Well in accordance with our end of year website highlights, and taking into account the Monday holiday, we are bringing you two launch announcements today.

The National Center for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is recognized nationally as a leader for its expertise in developing and distributing comprehensive ICT content supporting business and industry’s efforts to educate and train the ICT workforce.

Gordon F. Snyder, Executive Director of ICT, has been working with us for years. This is the second time Gordon has come to us to redesign his website, which we believe should be done every two to three years. Gordon thought that in order to get the word out on their website, social media was the key. We re-designed the ICT website to bring twitter, Facebook, blog posts and YouTube directly to the home page for an information rich environment. Visitors can get an excellent idea of what is happening at ICT just from the homepage.

Visit the ICT Center website

GoBerry, our second installment in today’s post, serves frozen dessert with fresh fruit and berries. GoBerry’s frozen yogurt is made with the freshest ingredients and is produced without the use of dairy containing antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.

Alex and Molly Feinstein wanted a simple website that represented a product that highlighted the freshness and its taste.  We kept it simple, images of fresh fruit and berries, and threw in some chocolate…who doesn’t like at least something there.

Visit the GoBerry website

ICT Center Website DesignGoBerry Website Design