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2011, A Year in Development, LoBak-Trax

A great new product that actually helps people! That’s LoBak-Trax, a piece of equipment that provides lower back traction and relieves pain.

In order to sell it, the company came to us to create a website, shopping cart and set up their merchant accounts. We got to work on the prototype under extreme time constraints, and nothing to go on. We provided all the photography for the website, integrated video and finished up the shopping cart on time for deployment. LoBak-Trax is now selling nation-wide and if you stay up late enough, you catch their infomercial on late night cable.

We are working closely with LoBak-Trax monitoring their Google Analytics, search engine optimization, and social media so that they get the best possible exposure and sell their product.

Visit the LoBak-Trax website
LoBak-Trax Website Design