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Exis game’s website by Rogue Planet Games is launched!

We are very proud to announce the launch of the Exis game website.

Exis is a game that is currently being developed by an up and coming game developer, Rogue Planet Games.

Exis game by Rogue Planet Games

The client approached us to take over his website design after having issues with tow other design firms. His requests, coupled with the demands of the project, changed our role from designers to project managers. We set forth combining the art from numerous artists around the world, animation from another design firm, and audio content to create a gaming website using database features and user interface options.

This project started of as website design and development, but quickly morphed into a large-scale managed project, that we had an honor of taking the lead on. Working with a dozen of amazing and innovative artists from all over the world made this particular website project one-of-a-kind for DIF Design.

You can ready the rest of the Project Overview in our Case Study done on Exis game. To view Exis website – click here