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Facetime – long before Apple used this term for their neat iPhone feature that allowed people to conduct video call via their WiFi connection, the term was used to describe two or more people having a direct personal interaction in a physical place.

With the social media influencing the way people interact with each other today, it seems that facetime is a rare commodity.

Between personal and DIF Design‘s social media account, I manage two Facebook pages, one Facebook group, three Twitter accounts, two LinkedIn profiles and many other networking online accounts. This year I closed on a $2000 project over a text message without even meeting the client face-to-face.

But today I was reminded that facetime is still very important to many. I was in a middle of a Search Engine Optimization meeting with Adam Quenneville’s director of marketing, when she said, “By the way, Adam really appreciates facetime.” And no, she wasn’t referring to the fancy iPhone feature.

It’s refreshing to be reminded that shaking someone’s hand is still more important than clicking “post”.