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IE9 vs Firefox 4

Upgrading your browsers, do you do it immediately or do you wait?  Well, just for our readers (and poorly managed curiosity), I upgraded both as soon as I could.  Well, that wasn’t a good idea.  Here are some specifics:  FireFox 4.0 – only 1 out of 7 plug-ins I use still work.  This is bad as I depend on them daily.  IE 9 – some sites that use asp, don’t work.  I am repeatedly thrown from the website as the browser crashes.  We all know this isn’t gonna fly.

Now for the noticeably good stuff in these browsers.  They are both super fast, I mean Maserati sleek and cool fast.  Websites that would normally take 5-6 seconds to come up (database driven), now come up in less than 2 seconds or are noticeably faster. Both have redesigned their user interface and look similar, and function quite the same.  IE 9 has integrated itself fully with Windows 7 to create a better experience.  IE9 has also become fully integrated with  HTML 5 usage, enhanced developer tools and better add-on control.  FireFox has added a menu button that allows for easier use, InPrivate browsing, and an app tab.

If you are looking for a seamless transition over to one of these browsers, wait 3 months.  Sites that need to get updated to handle this code base will be up to date by then, and Microsoft, Mozilla and plug-in providers will have worked out the bugs.

I will periodically update this post for those of you who want to know my findings.