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Meet Coin, The New Way to Spend Money

We are one step closer to time travel! Ok, well maybe not, but the new product hitting the streets next summer gives us high hopes that we’ll be seeing the flux capacitor in our future.

Meet Coin, the new device that serves as the host of all of your major credit, debit, gift and rewards cards. It manages all of your accounts (8 at a time), allowing you to select which card you would like to use at each transaction, making your wallet considerably lighter. With access to a mobile app, you can add, manage and sync the cards that you want, and to activate them all you have to do is to swipe them through the device that is provided when you purchase the Coin. It can be used at all stores that accept any major credit card, as well as ATM’s.

And if you’re worried about what happens if you were to lose your card, well they have that handled too. Coin will send you an alert through your phone if you leave it behind somewhere. And if its missing for a specified amount of time, it will deactivate itself. Thats one smart card!

Click here to check it out and pre-order yours today.