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I have to start by saying, “THIS IS AMAZING!”

Square - Accept credit card payments right on your mobile device

Square is a cutting edge innovation, it’s a device that allows you to accept credit card payments with your mobile device. The device is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

Square allows you not only to punch in the credit card number and process the charge (like many other mobile credit card processing apps), but to actually slide the credit card right on your mobile device.

On top of this amazing feature, the cost of processing in cheaper than what most credit card processing services offer – 2.75% and 15¢.

There are no contracts, no monthly charges and no setup fees – it’s free to get started, and after you are all setup you just end up paying per each transaction.

The software that runs the device helps you track your customer’s information, taxes and charges.

The system is completely secure, compliant with all PCI standards and is backup by VeriSign.

If you don’t believe this after reading it, see this video for yourself. I didn’t believe it at first!