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10 things to ask your web developer

In the late 1990s, services like Geocities allowed individuals and businesses to claim a spot on the world wide web and build simple websites and share their message with the world. Times have surely changed; the web has become a more sophisticated beast, and web users’ expectations have changed in turn. We want to help…

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2011, A Year in Development, YPS

The Young Professionals Society of Greater Springfield (YPS) helps build a strong community by connecting its members to people, business and issues important to young professionals. They are a fast growing organization with expanding needs. They came to us with a simple request, give us a great looking website that we can update ourselves. Content…

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White House website is open for all

I am not sure how much of this is going to be exciting for consumers out there, but this is pretty awesome for web developers. The White House official website ( is built on an open source platform called Drupal. Drupal, amoung other open source (another words, “free” code base platforms) such as WordPress and…

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