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Web Wednesday – February 1, 2012

Web Wednesdays – each Wednesday we will feature a website that we’ve come across while in our process of searching for inspiration, the latest trends, or learning about anything and everything we can get our hands on that interests us.

I always love a good story, and now the web offers a great site that allows you to piece together your own photos, videos and music and rearrange them in a way that you allows you to tell fun stories your way. TumbleCloud describes itself as a place for “collaborative digital storytelling.” It has a built-in and easy-to-use video editor, which allows users to create a quick “video montage” shall we say, out of their own videos, photos and/or music.The site offers users the capabilities to “capture a special day, market a small business, work with clients, and collaborate on a project.” Growing as a social network of sorts, TumbleCloud lets you connect with people that you know, and allow them to add more media from the moments you have captured to videos that you’ve already created.

TumbleCloud is brand new to the scene, having been launched in Beta only last week, so users will need to request an invite to  become a member of the site. But what’s great is that they offer a test run for you to create your own storyboard. So if you like what you see, you can get bragging rights after you become one of the first members of TumbleCloud.