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Web Wednesdays – December 8, 2010

Web Wednesdays – each Wednesday we will feature a website that we’ve come across while in our process of searching for inspiration, the latest trends, or learning about anything and everything we can get our hands on that interests us.


This Wednesday, we highlighting a website that answers a million of questions starting with “How do you…?”

Growing up, if I needed to know how to do something, I would have asked my parents, grandparent or any one who seemed more experience to help. Sometimes, I would even go to a library and look up the answer in a book.

Not today! Today, you turn to the internet. There is a lot of useful answers and information online, but today we wanted to showcase a website called eHow. is an online community dedicated to providing visitors the ability to research, share, and discuss solutions and tips for completing day-to-day tasks and projects. It combines the experiential knowledge of certified experts with the practical knowledge of everyday people to help you discuss, plan, and complete things like:

Their library has more than 1.5 million articles and 150,000 high-quality videos, written and produced by experts, and also, by people just like you – people who’ve figured out how to complete a variety of tasks, simple and complex, and are willing to share their knowledge.If you’re not already one of the 80 million people who visit each month, join their community now. Not only will you find clear, concise, actionable solutions to a vast array of life’s everyday inquiries, but you can also ask questions, discuss solutions, and share your success stories with thousands of other people who want to do similar things.

Visit eHow website