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Web Wednesdays – January 19, 2011

Web Wednesdays – each Wednesday we will feature a website that we’ve come across while in our process of searching for inspiration, the latest trends, or learning about anything and everything we can get our hands on that interests us.

Color Scheme Designer

This is a first Web Wednesday of 2011! This week we want to highlight one of the tools that we use when working on designing/developing client’s website here at DIF Design, the website called Color Scheme Designer.

Color Scheme Designer is an online color scheme editor. It allows you to pick a color and then select a color scheme that goes along with the selected color. Once you are happy with your color scheme, you can export the colors as swatches, get color values and see how your selections will look.

As much as this is a great tool for website designers, Color Scheme Designer can easily be used by a consumer as well. If you are looking to redecorate your living room and you have one color in mind (usually the color that you are going to use to paint your walls), you can find that color on Color Scheme Designer and then see other colors that will be complimentary to it.

Instead of trying to explain some ways of using this great website in everyday applications, please visit it and find out for yourself.

Visit Color Scheme Designer