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Windows 8 and Mac OSX Lion

Window-8-Mac-OSX-LionA few days ago some screenshot leaked from Microsoft developers showcasing the new PC operating system called Windows 8. As a true competitor, Apple followed Microsoft’s leak with their announcement of the new Mac OSX Lion.

I decided to look in to both promising operating systems and see what they are bringing to the table.

Both Windows and Mac are completely consumer-oriented and app-centered. The mobile world has evolved in last few years, to the point where there’s no such thing as a Dumb phone anymore – all phones are Smart, maybe even too smart. Well, desktop market has been mowing in the same direction for a couple of years now. Tablets, touch screens, app stores and cloud networking have dominated the personal computer/device market.

Windows 8 user-interface is completely based of the recently released Windows phone. The desktop is no longer a static image with icon shortcuts all over, it has evolved in to a dynamic, always changing dashboard, filled with tweets, blog posts, wall comments and feeds.

App store is front-center in Mac OSX Lion. Why settle for an app on your iPhone or even an iPad – get it for your iMac.

I think that this progressive evolution in personal computer space is great for consumers, but might not be that beneficial to the professionals.

Many companies have been blocking social media websites since MySpace days. Imagine upgrading to Windows 8 and having these sites update your dashboard – I’m not sure that employee productivity is going to rise.

Don’t get me wrong, I am big supporter of new technology and innovation, but there has to be a way to unplug. Maybe the panic room concept should be rethought and turned into something else.

These few speculations are based on research of two new operating systems, and I actually can’t wait to be able to test drive both of them to see how many new robust features they will be packed with.