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2011, A Year in Development

2011 was a great year for DIF Design, and we had a little trouble keeping up with announcing our new website launches. So, each day (business day, that is) until the year closes, we will announce a new website we launched this year.

Without further ado, today’s launch announcement comes directly to you from everyone’s favorite panini place, Hot Table!

We were approached by one of the co-owners, John DeVoie, to provide Hot Table with a new website. This was the very first restaurant site for DIF Design, so we went at the project like we always do, research, research, and oh yeah, a little more research. The result in our opinion, and hopefully everyone who visits, is an inviting website that clearly makes you a little hungry. Check out the site, and go grab a panini. (you should have seen how many times we ate there while working on this site!)

Visit the Hot Table website

Hot Table