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Own your website content

copyright image for website contentMany online marketing experts and social media gurus will tell you to utilize the power of free advertisement and global reach of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. I give the same advise to our customers in their journey to grow their business online.

One thing that I always remind them is to use the social networking websites as a vehicle to broadcast their content, but not necessarily as a tool for housing that content.

I don’t think that Twitter and Facebook are going away (at least not any time soon), but content posted/created on those websites stay with them.

I believe that it’s a good practice to use your website and/or blog to create and house your content, and then, broadcast it across the gamut of networking websites. This way you always have new and rich content boosting your business’ web presents and, at the same time, you are utilizing that power of global reach through your favorite social networking websites.

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