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25 years of .com

25 years ago, today, the Internet received its first .com registration, when the Symbolics Computer Company registered

Symbolics Logo 1985

1985 Symbolics Logo

Symbolics Logo 2010

2010 Symbolics Logo

To this day, there has been close to 84,000,000 .com domains registered. Over 500,000 domains are still being registered monthly.

These numbers are crazy compered to the number of domains registered the first year – only 6 domains.

Dana Carvey will be hosting the 25 Years of .com Gala, on May 26, 2o1o in San Francisco, will be a festive evening event celebrating the “.com 25.” Selected by a distinguished panel of some of Silicon Valley’s most important observers, the .com 25 honors the remarkable innovators, entrepreneurs and companies whose inspiring contributions were fundamental in shaping the Internet and, thereby, forever changing the way we think and act as individuals and as a society.

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