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Freedom Memorandum

Say hello — and meet the newest addition to our portfolio…The Freedom Memorandum Logo!

Freedom Memorandum Logo

We recently chatted with Kim George, author of Coaching Into Greatness: 4 Steps to Success in Business and Life, on creating a logo for the Freedom Memorandum. Her 9-page dream has turned into a book and we were honored to help her turn that vision into a logo.

The Freedom Memorandum’s main principle is that we are in control of our own evolution. Kim’s book also express the idea about an “inner evolution that sparks an outer revolution.” This idea stuck in our head, and quickly became the driving force behind using the visual element of sparks.

Check back soon, we are currently designing the layout of her eBook, and another logo for Kim’s Abundance Intelligence Institute, the umbrella company to Freedom Memorandum.