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Quantity vs. Quality

Quantity vs. Quality?! Both are very important, but which one should take the first place in social media and networking?

I was talking to a client a few weeks ago about their Facebook Fan Page, and the words that came out of their mouth were, “Facebook is about friends, not friendships”. This statement has stuck with me for a while now and got me to thinking that, I am sure there are people that truly use social media networks to create business relationships and not to boost their connections/friends/followers numbers up.

For example, I use Twitter for two (main) purposes:

  1. FYI – Keeping current followers up to date with doings of DIF Design
  2. Educational – Staying up to date with our industry

For the first purpose – “the more the merrier”. If 250,000 people want to follow us on Twitter (please follow @difdesign), that’s great. When it comes to the second purpose – if I’m following the same number of people, and each of them tweets on average 4 times per day, that’s 1,000,000 tweets that I would have to read through. I am not a fast reader!

So there has to be a balance between quantity and quality. The balance should depend on your own goals.