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We recently signed on a new client, AMICCON, which stands for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competition & Conference. Like the name says, they are holding a competition and conference, and right here in Springfield, MA’s MassMutual Center! Before they could kick start the conference, they turned to us with hopes of executing a website and their brand identity all within a matter of a few weeks.

Our standard turnaround time for websites is 30 to 60 days depending on the complexity of the website. So it may be less or a little more, it all hinges on what the client needs out of their website.  Before we get a project going, we like to set up a timeline of what needs to get done, who’s getting it done and most importantly when does it need to get done. AMICCON threw us a real time crunch, but we wanted to take on the challenge. The goal was to built a website that would allow the manufacturers in New England to connect with each other and to utilize each others services and expertise.

Phase 1 of the website offers a detailed overview of AMICCON as an organization (history, goals, mission and vision), September 23, 2010 Conference interactive floor plan and online registration for attendees and exhibitors, and much more valuable information.

Phase 2 of the website will consist of a match-making data base that will connect manufacturers in New England and offer comprehensive search of the local and regional companies. This stage is currently being developed and will be available soon after the conference.

Usually, with this project scale and branding, it would have taken 30-45 days, but we put our heads together, made a few trips to Starbucks, and stayed a few late nights to get it all finished in a little over than 1 week! This included marketing, brand strategy, and print materials too!

So this post is wrapping up to an end, and if you still aren’t convinced by our exceptional quality and unique creative approach to every project…then HEY! don’t take our word for it, take a gander at what Ellen Bemben, Co-Founder of AMICCON, said about us:

“I want to seriously thank our new partners at DIF Design  for their tremendous effort in getting this project done in such a very tight timeline – while smiling all the way! Peter Ellis and Dennis Driscoll and their team at DIF Design are a pleasure to work with and tireless in working on this project. Peter even attended the manufacturing event this week with Actor, Ratzenberger, of “Cheers” fame who has since become a champion of manufacturing in America. Peter managed to get his hands on a microphone and apparently got 2 valuable minutes promoting AMICCON to the 250+ people at the Log Cabin! Talk about team effort! Thanks again, Peter!”

“I cannot say enough nice and positive about my experience working with Peter Ellis and the DIF Design team! They have been totally focused on this project and on getting it out on time and looking good – all the while putting up with my edits and changes! Peter – forgive me, and many thanks for a superb job! To quote Peter, “Merry Christmas!”

We’re going to give ourselves a pat on the back on this one and leave you with their newly launched site. So go ahead, don’t be shy, visit the AMICCON website now!