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Social media backlash

Social Media Icons - Social Media BacklashFriends, followers, connections, likes, fans, tweets, RTs, diggs, shares, comments, posts, updates, walls, events, groups, clubs, views, impressions…WOW, I got tired just by typing this, how would you feel about worrying regarding this on daily bases?


Imagine this, “Is it enough just to be on LinkedIn and Facebook? I just got an invite from a friend who’s on Plaxo. What is it and should I join? Will I dilute my networking effectiveness if I’m on MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? How often should I blog? How many friends/connections should I need to have?”

Ask yourself, did any of these questions cross your mind? Is social media delivering too much information too fast?

I know that this is too many question marks, but there is a huge trend of general public turning away from social networking.  There are only 20-30% of active Twitter accounts online today. People are creating accounts and signing up with social networks but quickly getting overwhelmed.

I am sure that there are others that are doing ok, and those who are managing their social media time and exposure with care, but those numbers are low.

My suggestion has always been, do one thing, but do it well!