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Firefox 6

Firefox 6

Firefox is on fire! In last 2 months, Mozilla Firefox has released 3 new versions of their browser, and they are not stopping there. Firefox intends on releasing a new version every 6-8 weeks, due to high demand in online features and new technology.

From one side, innovation and betterment of your product is always good, but on another, considering how many third party add-ons and plug-ing are out there for Firefox, its going to make it pretty difficult for those to ensure compatibility with the latest Firefox version.

Another thing to consider, when a website is designed and developed, an agency usually tests browser compatibility with currently used and popular browser versions (Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9; Safari 3 and 4; Firefox 4, 5, 6; Google Chrome). If the new version of Firefox begins to use a technology that has not been tested for, that website browser compatibility is at risk.

In the end, if you look at this with little bit of humar, maybe Firefox is just trying to bypass Internet Explorer with their version numbers?!