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Microsoft Announces “Surface” Tablet

Windows announces "Surface" TabletWell I am watching the live feed and I would really have loved this to be a revolutionary thing….but I am underwhelmed.

A key feature is a kickstand…. They really should not have made that a key feature, a little embarrassing.

A few good things are the Gorilla Glass, 10.6 in. Display, and 1.5lb magnesium case(very lightweight!).

The cover folds out to a 3mm thick touch key pad, pretty slick!

Well the features keep coming:

  • Perimeter Venting
  • Pen Input, Digital Ink
  • When plugged into a monitor, can work as full PC
  • Comes in multiple colors(Microsoft is learning)

Looks like 2 models, “Surface Pro” and “Surface RT”

It’s size and smooth appearance is beginning to grow on me, and it seems Microsoft really put some hard core thought into this product.  As always, only time will tell.

I would have to say the touch cover is absolutely the thing I like the most, as my hands are too clunky for the iPad screen.

Time for pricing and availability….  They have no idea, but competitive.

Well that is it from their announcement, guess we will have to wait and see what really gets put in our hands when they decide to release.