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$10 Starbucks gift card with your name on it

starbucks-gift-cardSome of you have heard that I’ve been part of National Science Foundation (NSF) panel to help create a comprehensive community college course to train individuals to become social technology enabled professionals (I know it’s a mouth-full, but it simply stands for someone who is pretty awesome at using social media for business and organizational purposes).

The panel has met a few times this year and last, to create the foundational outline for the course. We are seeking your help now to validate our efforts. I am personally asking you to take this survey to help us further our progress. The survey is a bit long, so there is a $10 Starbucks Coffee gift card waiting for you at the finished line.

Click here to take the survey!

The information from this study will be used to develop curriculum materials and resources, and train teachers, to help better prepare students and incumbent workers as Social Technology Enabled Professionals. All responses will be handled confidentially, and only aggregate data will be used for meta-analysis.