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Organization is Key– Mailbox, the New iPhone Email App

I don’t know about you, but I’m a perfectionist.  This new app was built for people like me, people who live through the art of organization, whether it’s the clothes in your closet, the documents on your computer, or…the emails in your inbox.  One of the greatest things on the smartphone is the ability to check your email when you’re on the go.  Wherever you are, you always have access to your email.  But, that is a source of frustration for me, as well.  Being the organization nerd that I am, I don’t like to have unread emails on my phone, whether it’s just a few or whether it’s hundreds, or even thousands.  Mailbox, the new iPhone email app, gives you options for organizing your email.  Before, you either had to read to and respond to your emails when you received them, or you had to leave them sitting in your inbox, unread, until you had the time to get to them.  But now, Mailbox gives you an option to have emails resent to you at a particular time, when you have more time to respond to them.  With this new option, you will no longer have thousands of unread emails in your inbox.  We all know our lives can get hectic and busy, but this iPhone app allows you to only receive emails when you have the time to answer them.  We live in a world of technology that keeps evolving and this is just one example of that.  I think this option could definitely change society for the better, but I don’t know about you.  What do you think?

Meet Mailbox from Mailbox on Vimeo.