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Web Wednesday – August 1, 2012


So this is our first week incorporating apps into our web wednesday posts. This week I bring you CCleaner, a great app that will help you clean up your harddrive and give you more disk space. What most people don’t realize is that when files are sent to the trash, not all of their memory is deleted, “orphan files” take up the space that the actual file once held on your harddrive. And along comes CCleaner, a very popular app that sweeps through your harddrive and clears up the space on your harddrive, oftentimes clearing 10GB of your harddrive, I certainly wouldn’t mind trying that.

CCleaner is one of the top free apps in the app store this week and has recently been updated to provide an even more secure cleaning process, making sure that no one is capable of getting information from your deleted files. The recent updates also make it compatible with apples new operating system, mountain lion, for those of us who have already upgraded.