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Web Wednesday – August 29, 2012

Living Earth HD

Named by the New York Times as a Top 10 iPad app for 2011, Living Earth HD is a stunning app designed for mac and ipad’s, (simplified app for iphone is also available) giving users the ability to view the earth in real time. You can see amazingly detailed, up-to-date weather forecasts, world clock and daily satellite changes. Experience the world in near real-time with satellite updates every three hours, showing you satellite cloud data as if you were looking at Earth from space.  Its absolutely gorgeous! Living Earth HD can also be set as your screensaver or desktop background, so you can continually see new weather patterns, heat signatures and watch the day & night shadow line as it progresses, marking a new day.

You can literally sit back and watch as a hurricane gains force and follows its course before slowly diminishing into clouds. Any type of weather patterns are depicted, so it’s as if you  have a meterologist at your fingertips. They best be careful, they might be out of a job soon the way this app has peaked everyones interest.

For those travelers among us, users can also click on any city of their choice to reveal an up-to-date 7 day forecast, broken down into 24 hours with temperature, wind and humidity levels, so you can be readily prepared for any type of weather. And you also have no excuse to be late with the built in alarm clock, which can also access your music playlists. Enjoy!