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Web Wednesday – March 7, 2012

Web Wednesdays – each Wednesday we will feature a website that we’ve come across while in our process of searching for inspiration, the latest trends, or learning about anything and everything we can get our hands on that interests us.

One of the most exciting times in my life was buying my very first car, and that’s something that a lot of people have in common, which Subaru has come to recognize. Two weeks ago, they launched a brand new website, It lets users design what their first car looked like, and then go on to share the experiences they had with their car. The site utilizes text-to-video software, which picks out specific words mentioned in your story, or you can choose which words to highlight and it will turn your first car story into a pretty entertaining, animated video. It also gives users the option to a record a vocal narrative to accompany the animation. The only requirement that the site asks for is contact information, through Facebook or a basic name and email entry.