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Bing It On: The search engine wars continue

By now we all have seen the TV commercials from Bing, and their endless efforts to set the Bing search engine above Google. Well, this recent effort shows how determined the folks are at Microsoft and Bing. Bing launched an interactive website poll comparing their search engine and Google, by giving you 5 searches to…

iPad vs Paper – Funny Commercial

Very funny commercial that aired in Europe about iPad vs Paper. Great concept!


Blackberry’s Revival with the Z10 Smartphone

It’s all or nothing for Blackberry after the release of their Z10 Smartphone. The diminishing company is trying to stay afloat with this sleek, modern competitor for the iPhone and Android. But does it stand a chance against the two most sought after brands? Its hard to say at this point, but this phone does…

Organization is Key– Mailbox, the New iPhone Email App

I don’t know about you, but I’m a perfectionist.  This new app was built for people like me, people who live through the art of organization, whether it’s the clothes in your closet, the documents on your computer, or…the emails in your inbox.  One of the greatest things on the smartphone is the ability to…


Facebook’s New Graph Search

Through Facebook’s continuous attempt to reign supreme in the digital world, Mark Zuckerburg has introduced users to Graph Search, a new way to search online, centered around four focus areas – People, Places, Photos and Interests. The way this works, lets say that I’m going on a trip to D.C. and I want to see…


December 2012 Wallpaper

Tis the Season!  As a gift to celebrate the holidays we are offering our monthly wallpaper free for download today. Hope you like it! (Click on the desired size below and save the image to your computer/device) Choose your size below: 640×960 (iPhone) 800×600 1024×768 1024×1024 (iPad) 1280×800 1280×1024 1440×900 1680×1050 1920×1200


November 2012 Wallpaper

Happy November 1st everyone! We hope you all made it through Hurricane Sandy okay and have successfully regained power. To get back into the swing of things we are offering our monthly wallpaper free for download today. Hope you like it! (Click on the desired size below and save the image to your computer/device) Choose…


Rainy Day Distraction

Since its such a gloomy day outside, I thought I’d offer you guys a bit of a distraction. I stumbled upon this earlier today and couldn’t help but share it with you. Italian artist Federico Pietrella has created these stunning ‘paintings’ of everyday street life out of time stamps. Yes, you read correctly, time stamps,…


Web Wednesday – September 26, 2012

Web Wednesdays – each Wednesday we will feature a website that we’ve come across while in our process of searching for inspiration, the latest trends, or learning about anything and everything we can get our hands on that interests us.   Team work means progress, but every now and then team work can make everyone…


Web Wednesday – August 29, 2012

Named by the New York Times as a Top 10 iPad app for 2011, Living Earth HD is a stunning app designed for mac and ipad’s, (simplified app for iphone is also available) giving users the ability to view the earth in real time. You can see amazingly detailed, up-to-date weather forecasts, world clock and…


Web Wednesday – August 22, 2012

In case you haven’t caught on to the craze that is Pinterest, now is the time! For those like me, who have become pinning addicts, have you seen the new app updates? Pinterest released the updated app last week, and the design features are nearly identical to it’s web counter part. Pinterest is also now…


Web Wednesday – August 1, 2012

So this is our first week incorporating apps into our web wednesday posts. This week I bring you CCleaner, a great app that will help you clean up your harddrive and give you more disk space. What most people don’t realize is that when files are sent to the trash, not all of their memory…